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ISTJ types appreciate confident partners who have it all together and can stand on their own two feet. This type gets a kick out of “rescuing” someone, especially when that person is self-sufficient and the “rescue” is low-key.

3) Your natural ENFP traits attract this type like a bee to honey (to a point).In July this year, Green’s Hobby Lobby chain agreed to return more than 5,000 items and pay a m settlement after the Department of Justice accused the firm of smuggling antiquities taken from Iraq, reports the Washington Post.“The US Justice Department investigated Hobby Lobby for importing ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform fragments and bullae of Iraqi origin that were falsely labelled as Turkish tile samples and valued at 0”, the Art Newspaper adds.Ah, the joys of that first getting-to-know-you period!The museum, which celebrates its grand opening today, is privately funded by , an evangelical Christian and owner of the arts and crafts retail chain Hobby Lobby.The museum will feature a “huge array of artefacts both from Green’s private collection and from traveling exhibits from around the world”, writes Travel and Leisure.

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