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Please click this button to reboot the server in order to apply the changes.Step 8: After successful rebooting, the User could enter in the IE address bar to login the My PBX configuration panel.Please follow the steps to change the IP address: Step 1: Connect the LAN port of My PBX to the Internet service via a cable and then power on My PBX. In the popup window, enter an IP address with a same segment with My PBX server (e.g., but please note that this IP address shall not conflict with the IP address on the existing network), see Figure 1-3.Step 2: Change the IP address of PC A to segment. Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3 Step 3: Start the IE browser on PC A.For detailed configuration instructions, please refer to this guide. Then select the extension to be configured with Mobility Extension and click “Edit”.Mobility Extension is a mobile number that enjoys all the authority of internal extensions, like direct calling other extensions, calling through trunks and voicemail checking when the number calls into My PBX. Step 2: in the “Other Settings” tab, enable Mobility Extension and enter the corresponding cell phone number. The Upcoming Payment provides you an accurate snapshot of what your invoice would look like if it went out today.It includes recurring fixed-rate charges that need to be paid on the 1st of every month, as well as one-off and usage charges for the current month (e.g. While Phone Service is a recurring charge, it will appear as an individual charge each month.

2 FXS extensions) and SO modules (one SO module contains one FXS port, i.e. So if you need to add FXS extensions, please make sure that there are empty module slots for S2 or SO module first. Then power on My PBX and new FXS extensions will be added successfully after rebooting.Step 9: The change of default IP address is completed.For example, the user would like to change the IP address of My PBX to, the configuration steps are as follows: Step 1: connect the LAN port of My PBX to the Internet service via a cable and then power on My PBX. In the address bar, enter the default IP address of My PBX: 501) Password: voicemail access PIN # of this extension (e.g.501) Note: the User is able to log in the User Web Interface only if the “User Web Interface” function is enabled by the admin in the Extension editing page.

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