Dating of exodus

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Nonetheless, I am personally confident that the majority view of the scholars is correct, that is, that the Exodus was in c. And if indeed this date is correct, then we have an astounding fact before us---the patterns of the above chart happen to work flawlessly with this same date (of 1446 BC).

However, bible students that lived during those centuries lacked the correct dates and thus they did not discover anything substantial in their exhausting studies.

However, the 1446 BC date was not chosen arbitrarily but was the consequence of first establishing the date for Solomon's temple as c.

966 BC, and then simply adding to it the 480 years of 1Kgs.

Secular Egyptologists are increasingly admitting that their dating of ancient Egyptian history is in shambles.

Some are declaring that the Bible should be given more serious consideration as our best—and only—historical record of events surrounding the Hebrews.

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