Why be friends before dating

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[Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted by the people in your life] 18 insightful reasons why you don’t have any friends Are your best guy friends or girl friends walking away from you all the time? Are you constantly pursuing people to meet you, even when they don’t seem too keen to make time for you?

Well, here are 18 reasons why they’re probably doing that to you. Or when you meet a friend or a group of friends, do you constantly try to get everyone to stay back, even if it’s very clear that they’re bored stiff?

Are your friends planning get-togethers behind your back without inviting you over? When people give up arguments within a minute or two while talking to you, it’s not a case of you making a strong point. Do you avoid your friends when you start dating someone new? You may not realize it, but you may be taking your friends for granted and assume they’d always stick around for you, whether you have time for them or not.

Well, sorry to say it, but there’s a very, very big chance that you’re a toxic friend. You think an interesting argument is the perfect way to keep a conversation alive. Do you have the urge to contradict people aggressively over the smallest of things, perhaps to prove them wrong or to make yourself feel better? On the other hand, your friends may be too hurt because of the way you treat them, and may choose to avoid you.

And it makes people want to move a few inches away from you even when they sit next to you. Pay attention to the behavior of people around you when you talk to them.

And change the conversation the minute you seem others getting distracted. No one may have told you this, but you’re more worried about your own needs than anyone else’s.

You get one assumption wrong somewhere, and every assumption beyond that is going to be all wrong.

Everyone has enough crap going on in their own lives, and they don’t want to be burdened by your complaints and lack of happiness.

Be happy, look at the bright side and shower the world with happiness and laughs. [Read: 15 tips to be really nice and loved by all immediately] #7 You create psychological barriers.

Ask yourself if you’re doing any of these things subconsciously, and if you see yourself in any of these reasons, make a conscious effort to change yourself for the better if you want your friends to stick around for longer. Spending time with a new friend may matter a lot to you, but when you try too hard, you could come off as a very clingy and annoying person. Your friends don’t have to know you have nothing better to do when they’re gone.

Just pretend like you’re busy too, and say goodbye before the atmosphere starts to stiffen up with awkwardness.

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