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Walking is the most fundamental and widespread mode of transportation for human being.

People walk automatically without the need for conscious attention.

Novel stem cell treatment has shown positive results in the remineralisation of bone and there are plans to use this in the treatment of hips in osteoporosis sufferers.

However, we are unsure how much mineralisation is needed to restore normal function.

This will be based on a very efficient combined inverse dynamics and optimisaiton framework we have been developing over years [2,3,4], and will also be thoroughly validated against the gait measurement data collected using the state-of-the-art motion analysis system in our lab. A generic analytical foot rollover model for predicting translational ankle kinematics in gait simulation studies. There has been historical evidence that natural honey has healing properties and in particular Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties.

A well-validated and robust predictive model would find many important practical applications. You will have seen that you can purchase Manuka honey with different ratings.

This requires original research in both measurement techniques and also fluid flow.

The objective of this research is to develop a novel human musculoskeletal model, which can predict the complex segmental motions and muscle activities during human walking with minimal measurement inputs. This project will explore the use of additive manufacturing to produce bioactive and anti-bacterial scaffolds combining a degradable polymer with honey.The project findings will develop two areas of scientific understanding: the evolutionary adaptation of biological wings to achieve high performance flight, and also the potential for incorporating avian wing features into engineered aircraft wings. Low-speed aerodynamics, Matlab programming, experimental testing (preferably wind tunnel testing), Commercial CFD package experience preferable but not essential.Osteoporosis is a common problem in our aging population particularly amongst women.Specifically, the project will conduct individual investigations on isolated geometric features of bird wings, such as the notched trailing-edge, and the wing-body interface.The aim will be to distinguish between features which are genuine aerodynamic or aeroacoustic performance enhancements, and those which may satisfy other biological or physical constraints.

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