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Farrah Franklin was seen in the “Say My Name” and “Jumpin’, Jumpin'” videos and she made a few appearances with the girls, but before we could even remember to forget her name, she was booted and Destiny’s Child officially became a trio.Since her short stint with Destiny’s Child, Farrah Franklin has gone on to do a whole lot of…NOTHING.Farrah Franklin, ex-Destiny’s Child member who barely made it past 2 report card seasons, is still mad about something that took place 15 years ago. The video brought me joy, so I shared the quote of Bey sending Farrah on her journey home. As I remembered that she was arrested for DUI, I shared the link. Farrah Franklin took the time out of her unbusy, unbooked and bothered schedule to comment from a Facebook account that isn’t verified.Sunday evening, as I was getting my life watching a Twitter thread of Beyoncé’s shadiest moments I ran across the infamous video of Beyoncé telling Farrah that she can leave her luggage: An iconic moment in Pop Culture! I had to check myself because the account wasn’t verified and I wasn’t sure of her last name. In this time frame, she could have been learning to sing on key or at least host a small gay pride event.Hip Hollywood can confirm that former Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin was arrested on Thursday in Georgia for public intoxication and possession of marijuana.According to the De Kalb County website, Franklin is currently in custody with a bond amount of 0.On the heels of her recent single, "Magic and Makeup," rumored reports are stating that now she is working on a tell-all book, but the book will focus more on telling all about former bandmate, Beyoncé Knowles, than her own life.

She said she wasn't shocked by the news because that's what happened to the other members when they were outted from the group.

It’s no secret that Oprah Winfrey spoils her family and friends, but there are some perks of being the media mogul’s best friend that lead to the statistically proven number one pleasure: Food. During a birthday trip to Maui, Oprah managed to coordinate a ginormous feast in honor of King’s big day.

Oprah’s bestie, Gayle King, got the BEST birthday present from the 63-year-old this season. In a gorgeous video posted on Instagram, you see a display of some of King’s, 63, favorite dishes, including glazed carrots, skillet potatoes, braised short ribs, a butter lettuce salad with pears and truffle Au Gratin cauliflower and Dover Sole Meunière.

“These n***** won’t leave me alone.” Cops noticed signs of drunkenness — odor of booze, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes — and asked how much she’d been drinking.

She fired back, “Not enough.” I have no idea what someone would be doing outside of a gym at 3 am, drunk and, it sounds like, high.

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