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ואחרי הכל לאה היא שהולידה את רוב השבטים כולל את השבט החשוב מכל ,יהודה. לאה.אהוד מנור ענה על השאלה הזאת בפזמון שיצר עבור צביקה פיק בהסבירו בפזמון שאחרי שנים יעקב מגלה שהוא אכן אהב תמיד את לאה יותר מאשר רחל . המרצה במרכז "אסנט " הסביר את העניין בצורה שונה במקצת אך בדרכה שלה מבריקה כמעט באותה המידה. "בכל דבר במעשי האבות יש מסר לדורות הבאים " הוא הסביר "וכך גם במעשה יעקב רחל ולאה" .

נכון יעקב אהב את רחל היפהפייה המקסימה .הוא לא אהב את לאה המכוערת בעלת העיניים הרכות .

Having said that you really want to get turbine time to be attractive. Hover autos and full touch down autos are far more forgiving and theres more room in the cockpit than an R22.

I'm not knocking the R22 its a great aircraft to fly fantastic tr authourity and positively sporty in comparison but better to fly it after you've got around 50 hrs helicopter time under your belt.

"how many turbine-powered helicopters use a t-bar for cyclic control? )I taught students on both types and I always found people progressed faster on the 300CB.

Even if the R22 is a little cheaper you'll find you will hover and solo sooner on the 300CB.

שהרי יעקב אבינו הוא כמו כולנו.הוא מתאהב באישה היפה הסקסית רחל .

עם זה היה תלוי בו כמו בנו הוא מעדיף היה לזרוק את לאה לכל הרוחות ולרוץ מיד אחרי רחל.

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H300 cons - slower than an R22, more expensive, manual throttle control ( this depends on your point of view ), P1 sits on left which means swapping hands on cyclic to change radios, altimeter settings and the like. Speak to local instructors on both types, if possible fly a few hours in both looking to see which you feel more comfortable in, and go from there - check first that the hours you do in one will count to your licence should you decide to fly the other type full time. An employer would be more interested in hours on type. The fact that it doesn't have a governor is a good thing as the new training pilot will pick up the correlation between rotor pitch and rotor rpm.As for cost the 300 CB is competitive with the R22,(at least it was when I was teaching/training)as it doesn't have the 2000hr overhaul cost. The key is probably getting time on the a/c you are likely to fly commercially - in NZ maybe more likely to be 300.Secondly cost - if the type is not important then fly the cheapest.although it will not help you to choose, I learnt on the R22 and apart from a few hairy moments, I would agree with the poster who said " If you can fly a 22 you can fly anything" the transition from "T" bar, to floor mounted cyclic took about 10 mins to get used to, good luck to you, whatever you choose. I trained on the robbie but have a little time in the 300,and as mentioned it is a very manouverable aircraft and I found that the 300 was really quite slow given a hot day, and the "throttle work" was limited because we were on full throttle the whole time and regulating the RRPM with collective/air speed so the "no govenor" issue didn't really make much difference.I was told (and 1 agree)that transition to the 206 was easier if you were used to the R22 and as that was where I was heading, it made sense. I once asked this pro with WAY more hours than me what he thought of the T bar after his first robbie flight.

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