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Mutual respect is the key word here, even though it was very clear who was in control.

Goddess Cleo also kept a watchful eye over proceedings, as well as engaging in some delightful play, and took great pleasure in the assembled gentlemen’s spaced-out expressions.

When looking at my Admission Form, Mistress Absolute warned (promised) that I could expect plenty of attention, and so it proved.

I guess I’d expected it would seek to replicate one of the many play parties I’ve enjoyed, which don’t tend to be so well structured and usually descend into chaos; ironic, since discipline is such an important part of BDSM.

Unless you go with a partner, play can be a bit of pig-in-a-poke: there’s no guarantee you will really click with the person you’re playing with, or that they’ll go about things in the right way, and that’s if you’re offered the opportunity.

She then proceeded to tie me up sitting, legs wrapped around a dancing pole (don’t ask).

Within a few minutes I was completely immobilised, hooded, gagged in satin. I am not sure how low I floated there; after a while I started getting uncomfortable, but in a pleasant bondage kind of way.

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