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The layout of this course was very simple and easy to follow! It was very similar to the state test and helped me for it.The visuals played a great deal in retaining information. I would add the the girl needs to keep the microphone in the same place as often one can barely hear her at times. I would reccomend this course to others., Oct 25th, 2017 The course was extremely informative. I do appreciate Mary Brennen and Jesse's assistance with everyhting.The availability of the modules in PDF format was extremely helpful in reviewing the material.The scenarios helped you understand the information better and to retain what you learned.I look forward to furthering my education using Adjuster Pro in the future. The detail the slides went into to prepare me for the exam was so helpful.I learned so much amount the insurance industry and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I will be successful in my new career because of Adjuster Pro!I had no clue what indemnification, ACV, depreciation, etc. Sure, you can look up the definition of all, but this course gave excellent examples of each. Very informative course but a little vague from the start.

The course was very thorough, I learned a great deal that actually helped me do my job better (I currently work for Pilot Catastrophe as an Insurance Adjuster).The only short coming I found in taking the course was a lack of feedback in the quiz section.For example, I would have liked a little more explanation as to why a question was right or wrong to eliminate any ambiguity moving forward.The questions were challenging but because of the great training provided, it made the process of elimination easier to determine the correct choice of answer. They are a big part of the reason I was able to remain focused and complete this course up to this point.Last but not least, the best part of this course were the quizzes! I would suggest more detail about what to focus on.

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