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Hi @CSH Is there any idea about how other chat application manages its group chat ??I think we cant implement this type of group chat using XMPP IRC chat.The project exists for a while and seems be mature for production use: I can't figure out how to stop openfire from sending these messages.I presume its openfire doing it, since it seems to happen in all the xmpp clients we've used.Well, this can be done on Openfire/Spark side as a non-standard side feature, but also unlikely. At least Spark has such option:) Maybe some other clients have such option too. Again, Spark and Openfire need developers and patches.Especially when we have almost no active developers here. Basically because it was the spirit of the time (~2002) when XEP-45 aka XMPP MUC (groupchat) was defined.The reason being is that when the person does come online, it doesn't show the message as pending/unread, so they have to click through all of their chats to read back on anything that might've been said while they were offline.

Is this something thats known and being worked on, or is it just the life of XMPP?These are just the gripe points, the issues we have faced while trying to implement this as an effective (and secure) communication tool.I will be glad to hear if we are simply misconfigured or misusing things, if there's anything we should be doing different to improve our experience, thats great news to me!Most problems you asked for, are client problems, or because the clients are implemented that way.The only problem I am seeing is the "don't miss messages, even when offline for 1 month"-problem.

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