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Each robot vacuum cleaner will also come with an array of accessories.

A virtual wall is a small device that you can place around the home and use to block off areas you don’t want to be cleaned, while they also come with different types of cleaning brushes.

The sleek and compact white design would fit perfectly in modern homes and shouldn’t take up a lot of space either.

It comes with sweeping brushes that stick out the side to sweep in and suck up dirt in corners, which is fairly effective.

Some come with remote controls, so you can direct them to the exact spot you want them to clean from the comfort of the sofa, and generally the more expensive they are, the more cleaning modes they have.

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Different robot vacs have different approaches to cleaning; some take a methodical approach while others may look like they’re moving randomly around your home but are still mapping out the room with in-built cameras or other smart sensor technology – although it can be a little frustrating to watch.

And it’s very quiet, so won’t disturb you if you’re watching TV.

It also comes with a virtual wall, so you can block off areas you don’t want cleaning and a remote control.

We also covered the carpet with dust, fluff and dirt to find out just how much mess each one could vacuum, while also testing different cleaning modes and accessories. You know with Dyson you’re going to get something impressive, and this small robot vac didn’t disappoint.

Although this one has the largest price tag, it’s the smallest and most compact (roughly the size of a Quality Street tin), taking up minimal space in the cupboard or at its charging dock.

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