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This, in turn, will increase the intimacy—and maybe even make you feel like you’re two teenagers sneaking around again.

If you only go down when she’s lying down, take things for a new twist.Garrison notes that if you’ve got a pull up bar installed in your door, along with a bed sheet and a willing partner, you’re totally equipped for this adventurous move.Here’s how he says to do it: “Take a queen or king flat sheet length-wise and fold it or bunch it into a long strap.“Start off your sex session in the spooning position, with you behind her as the big spoon and both of you on your sides,” she says.“Then, have her rotate to a 90-degree angle, so your bodies are perpendicular and she’s on her back with one leg in between yours and one over your upper thigh.” This will give you more space for movement, not to mention the freedom to touch her in all the right spots.

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