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SCP-2777 is constructed out of an unknown substance which bears superficial similarities to rock, and shows no signs of deterioration. SCP-2777-1: But then did I wake and feel the chains that shackled my body, then did I see the blood of the sky above, then did I witness tyrants circle to destroy my Lord, my King. Addendum 2777-B: Several researchers assigned to SCP-2777 have raised concerns regarding containment procedure.Exploratory teams have discovered that the interior of SCP-2777 is divided into seven large cross-sectional chambers which are connected via a series of tunnels. While attaching a kill collar to SCP-2777-1 is consistent with Foundation doctrine in containing entities with the capability to alter reality, the potential for aggravation of SCP-2777-1, as seen in the prior incident log, is non-negligible.Remember: as containment is an exact practice, re-containment is even more so. The document below is SCP-2777's previous documentation file.

The special containment procedures that you can read below have failed.

When you read the document below, remember to trust only that which is epistemically legitimate. Any individuals who approach the perimeter surrounding SCP-2777 are to be detained, interrogated, administered Class A amnestics, and then released.

Evidence of SCP-2777 in satellite imagery is to be destroyed.

If the on-site research director determines that Event-2777-EXO is beginning, Foundation personnel are to be immediately extracted from Site-██.

Explosive charges affixed to several locations throughout SCP-2777 are to be detonated. In the event that this procedure fails to prevent Event-2777-EXO, missile strikes escalating from Class-A (conventional) to Class-G ([REDACTED]) are authorized.

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    Finicum was shot three times after he reached for the loaded nine-millimeter pistol strapped to his chest.

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    Deprivation of the means to sustain life can be imposed through confiscation of harvests, blockade of foodstuffs, detention in camps, forcible relocation or expulsion into deserts.” It can also include forced sterilization, forced abortion, prevention of marriage or the transfer of children out of their families. Yet, as Genocide Watch noted in 2002: “Intent can be proven directly from statements or orders.

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