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The top notes are lilac, linden blossom, dewy magnolia, mandarin and bergamot.The heart notes are Bulgarian pink violet, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Indian tuberose, peach, carnation and nutmeg. Blind bought this today and was pleased when I opened the Amazon delivery.This is a mature fragrance so right off the bottle one smells the same kind of perfumy air of such fragrances as Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Oscar de la Renta or Gloria Vanderbilt.I think this is like a sleepier version of Vanderbilt which I also really love.I wish I could isolate the off-putting element (to me) but it's there, every time I try it. Regardless, I just can't wear 5th Avenue and that bums me out. This past winter I bought 5th Avenue and I thought it was just meh. This is a miss for me but I'm not too upset since I only paid .I'm really going to miss this one as it turned out to be one of those perfumes that enter your heart and it's hard to let go due to the relation and memories it has created.There's mandarin orange and bergamot and the citruses don't last too long but just enough to give it a very sweet fruity opening.A dash of peach fuzz is thrown into the opening as well.

This is a fragrance for a woman who possesses a sense of style, a woman which is intelligent, successful, elegant, and easily walks between luxurious showcases, feeling good in her own skin.As quickly as it starts it gets floral very floral.There's iris and lilac, carnation and roses, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang, lily of the valley and even my favorite flower the magnolia blossom.) a lawyer or female doctor, college professor, or President of a big company CEO businesswoman in a blazer and suit kind of feel to it.Starts off with a faint citrus and orange blossom which they refer to as a linden lime blossom, but to my nose it's totally orange blossom.

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