Dating management script

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Is your online Date saying something along the lines of: “Ok babe listen ..

In other cases, they are poorly put together (note the terrible use of grammar!

NEVER, EVER send copies to your Date any of your personal documentation such as drivers licences, passports etc.

(USA) A contractual term for a long all-day actor (or crew) call.

The scam usually involves stating a fee is required to paid of approximately 0-0 in exchange for a certificate (or supposed “dating Id”).

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Typically the scam encourages the victim to provide their personal identification, such as their drivers licence and also provide their credit card details.That area within the performance space within which the actor may move in full view of the audience.Also known as the playing area This term is also used to describe the smaller subdivisions of the main stage area which are lit separately by the lighting designer (e.g.In seventeenth century theatre and street performances, the Announcer would greet the audience, and give the play some context, either in terms of political or social background, or just to fill in some background detail to help the audience understand.Usually shortened to ASM, the assistant stage manager is the most junior member of the Stage Management team, and is often in charge of sourcing and running Properties during the run of a show. See also STAGE MANAGER and DSM.1) Facility available on larger sound mixing desks allowing channel muting or even fader moves to be taken under the control of a computer to ensure accurate and repeatable mixing. Sometimes known as a PIPE in the US, although many curse that usage, and demand the use of Batten ; ' A pipe is what you smoke; a batten is what you hang your instruments from.'. A live sound effects board on which are mounted a number of different types of doorbells / phone bells etc. The switch or bell push to operate the doorbell (or even the whole bell board) can easily be mounted on the set if the director wants the actors to operate it themselves.

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