Dating etiquette after second date

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Although you might think it’s a great way to get her to open up and that it will give her the impression that you really want to get to know the REAL her (unlike all the other guys), it usually just ends up as an awkward one-way conversation.Do you really want to hear all the grizzly details of her past relationships or how she cut herself when she was shaving her legs earlier that day?

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Go to your date armed with some fun conversation ice-breakers and stories about yourself to share too. And remember to really listen to what your date is telling you about themselves.It’s a game that can’t be maintained and guarantees dissatisfaction for both parties.The goal of dating is to find someone who wants what you want, and wants that with you.Then tell her that she has to be the one to choose the next date, AGAIN, and this is very important, you must say this in a playful manner.Always stay committed to your decisions, and never be apologetic about them either.

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