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Most of the territory is semi-flat between 600–2,050 m (1,970–6,730 ft), followed by rugged terrain of between 900–4,300 m (2,950–14,110 ft) and a small percentage of flat lands between 0–1,750 m (0–5,740 ft).

There is also a significant foreign population, mostly retirees from the United States and Canada, living in the Lake Chapala and Puerto Vallarta areas.

There are other smaller lakes called Cajititlán, Sayula, San Marcos, and Atotonilco.

Dams include the Cajón de Peña, Santa Rosa, La Vega, Tacotán and Las Piedras.

Jalisco's rivers and streams eventually empty into the Pacific Ocean and are divided into three groups: the Lerma/Santiago River and its tributaries, rivers that empty directly into the Pacific and rivers in the south of the state.

The Lerma River enters extends from the State of Mexico and empties into Lake Chapala on the east side.

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