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Matthew draws the line, finding the prospects of Michael's future liaison with Edith socially unacceptable.

They later have lunch together at the Rules, where she chooses to accept his offer. He flirts with her, and encourages her to speak her mind and make her own choices, insisting he is delighted to see a woman doing so. Edith is repulsed when she finds out and confronts him, insisting on handing in her resignation.A NAKED Attraction contestant has told of how she was subjected to cruel jibes and taunts by viewers - and the man she picked to date.Aspiring singer and actress Rebecca Draper, 25, appeared on the Channel 4 show last week in a bid to find love.He explains the situation to her: he loved his wife, Lizzy, very much, and that she was a wonderful person, but she has been in an asylum for years and no longer knows him.He professes that it took him a long time to accept she was "gone" and "wouldn't be coming back." He cannot divorce her because she cannot be held responsible for simply being a lunatic; she is neither guilty or innocent Before the Crawley family leaves for Scotland in September 1921, Edith learns that Michael is taking a sketching and fishing holiday not far from Duneagle Castle at the same time. Edith and Michael then meet when he is invited to dinner at Duneagle, after Cora expresses her desire to meet him despite Robert's reservations.

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