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As a result of the timing rules, qualified adoption expenses allowable in the current year may include expenses paid in a former year or years.

Example 4 illustrates the difference between the domestic and the foreign timing rules.

If your MAGI amount for 2016 falls between certain dollar limits, your credit or exclusion is subject to a phaseout (is reduced or eliminated).

For tax year 2016, the MAGI phaseout begins at 1,920 and ends at 1,920.

The maximum adoption credit allowable in 2016 is ,460 (,460 dollar limit for 2016 less ,000 previously claimed.) The dollar limitation applies separately to both the credit and the exclusion, and you may be able to claim both the credit and the exclusion for qualified expenses.

However, you must claim any allowable exclusion before claiming any allowable credit.

Qualified adoption expenses don't include expenses that a taxpayer pays to adopt the child of the taxpayer's spouse.

Qualified adoption expenses include expenses paid by a registered domestic partner who lives in a state that allows same-sex second parent or co-parent to adopt his or her partner's child, as long as those expenses otherwise qualify for the credit.

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Tax benefits for adoption include both a tax credit for qualified adoption expenses paid to adopt an eligible child and an exclusion from income for employer-provided adoption assistance.For example, if you claimed a ,000 credit in connection with a domestic adoption in 2015 and paid an additional ,460 of qualified adoption expenses in 2016 (when the adoption became final), the maximum credit you can claim in 2016 is ,460 (,460 dollar limit, less ,000 of qualified adoption expenses claimed in 2015).In computing the dollar limitation, qualified adoption expenses paid and claimed in connection with an unsuccessful domestic adoption effort must be combined with qualified adoption expenses paid in connection with a subsequent domestic adoption attempt, whether or not the subsequent attempt is successful.The maximum amount (dollar limit) for 2016 is ,460 per child.For both the credit and the exclusion, qualified adoption expenses, defined in section 23(d)(1) of the Code, include: An expense may be a qualified adoption expense even if the expense is paid before an eligible child has been identified.

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