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Any decent bot can pick up obvious, surface-level debris like pet hair, crumbs, road grit, or anything else you can see from eye level or feel stuck to your feet.Most people who own a robot vacuum also own a stronger, human-driven vacuum for tougher jobs like deep-cleaning fine dust and ground-in hair from carpets.It has much more cleaning power than our main picks, and a sophisticated navigation system lets it clean an entire level of your home, room by room, without missing any patches.It also works with a smartphone app and Alexa voice commands.After running more than 90 cleaning cycles with 14 of the most promising robot vacuums in 2017, we think the Eco Vacs Deebot N79 is the best choice for most people who want a basic, affordable bot that can actually keep their floors tidy.The Deebot N79 is nimble enough to navigate through most homes without getting stuck very often—and that’s what really makes most bot-owners happy.“The human does the big clean, say, once a month, and then you have the robot clean a few times a week.

For tougher jobs, like cleaning a large home or digging a lot of pet hair out of carpets, we really like the i Robot Roomba 960.

“[Robot vacuums] are best at what I’d call maintenance cleaning,” said Sal Cangeloso, former editor in chief at

He reviewed a bunch of different bots during his tenure and has owned a few i Robot Roomba models.

They are almost exactly the same, but the Eufy doesn’t have Wi-Fi and usually costs extra.

It was our top recommendation in this guide for the first half of 2017, and we’ve heard mostly very positive things from our readers about it.

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