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But it was a brawl that happened between the Sixers and the Celtics back in 1984 that caused the outspoken Hall of Famer to get defensive.

“Back in your day, you and Moses [Malone] held Larry Bird’s arm back while Dr.

You can chalk most of this stuff up to things that the Sixers will simply have to learn to live with as Embiid continues to develop as a player.

There have been plenty of positive aspects to note regarding his game: his field goal percentage is up dramatically everywhere on the court except beyond the arc.

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“But when he has to throw elbows and do those things to players, he’s got expect it in return, and he doesn’t like it that way.” You can watch the video of the incident for yourself, but it does appear both Barkley and Malone grabbed Bird trying to be peacemakers.So it probably should not come as a surprise that Embiid sometimes looks as if he is figuring things out on the fly.Take, for instance, the last couple of games, when Embiid shot a combined 11-for-31 with 12 turnovers in a pair of losses to the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings.Because of this, these are the questions we get asked again and again. Yes, an accurate date does help to pinpoint who the subject/s of the photograph might be.Knowing when a photograph was taken, where it was taken – together with the details of the image itself – often make it possible to decide who the sitter really is. Sometimes it can even confirm that it is NOT who you think it is! There can be so many clues which, when all taken together, can give you a very accurate result.

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