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What I see more often than not is that after a brother marries a convert, he will only teach the basics about Islam, then give up teaching her.

He will say it’s too much work or she’s not trying hard enough.

Maybe, brother, you are not secure about your Islam and don’t practice it properly, so you think she’ll leave the religion.

“They actually want to get to know the person for a certain amount of time, but also within the boundaries.” If a young Muslim is aiming for this kind of compromise, there are other resources too.

Ezzeldine, who wrote a short book called “Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married,” tries to offer her coreligionists a way of getting to know each other without violating the standards of the faith.

Dear brothers of the like, this article is for you. Brothers tell me they want a convert because she was not born a Muslim and she found Islam by herself.

I am told by Muslim men that they want a convert so he can teach her about Islam. Us converts are not “good deed tokens” you can just receive to get into heaven. If you are expecting to get good deeds for selfish reasons, don’t waste your time.

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