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Pinkie Pie briefly dresses up as an Alicorn in the episode Magical Mystery Cure.In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, the masked Mare Do Well is shown to have a unicorn horn and Pegasus wings, convincing Rainbow Dash that she's an Alicorn.In the movie My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, during the climactic battle between the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms, a giant spiritual Alicorn is summoned by Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and the human counterparts of Twilight's Ponyville friends through the magic of friendship.The Alicorn blasts the astral projections of the Dazzlings' true siren forms to dust and shatters their power sources, stripping them of their powers and leaving them to flee in shame and disgrace from the furious students and faculty. , Big Mc Intosh turns into an Alicorn during Ponyville's shared dream.Regarding the fifth of these, colorist Heather Breckel stated on July 9, 2014 "Tony drew it, I just thought it looked like her" My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #32 features the legend of Queen Parabola, who is depicted as an Alicorn with zebra stripes.

" and answered "Twilight will not outlive her friends".When Twilight and her friends see Flurry Heart for the first time, they are taken aback by her unfurled wings.The show includes other Alicorns and a crew member of the show has explained them as animation errors.However, it should be noted that she is never seen with both her horn and wings at the same time.In the episode Sonic Rainboom, Rarity is given wings by a magic spell temporarily, made of gossamer and morning dew.

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