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Needless to say, an abusive relationship is one where there is no trust.

The key to avoiding abuse and promoting trust is to consciously strive everyday to build a safe emotional space.

Only then, are you allowed to say something negative or critical.

This requires that a husband and wife develop good problem solving skills.

Trust is probably the most important ingredient in building an intimate relationship between husband and wife.

Trust is something that can be cultivated and nurtured if you will follow the guidelines below.

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It's very hard to distrust someone who seems to constantly be going out of his way to please you!

A key tool to use here is the "5 to 1 rule." This means that before you say anything negative to your spouse, you must have expressed at least five positive things.

When I own my feelings and opinions by using an I-statement, I am communicating that I am taking responsibility for the issue and not blaming my spouse.

When a person feels he or she cannot express their needs to the other person, then this leads to a break down in trust. Either we are afraid of rejection or we are afraid of feeling ashamed for having such needs.

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