Kaspersky7 updating without blacklist guide

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One of the biggest changes that need to be made is the inclusion of weapons, guns etc categories in the bannedsitelist file because this is necessary for UK Legislation for Schools and because there are so many categories in the blacklists now that are simply not there in the bannedsitelist file.

Lastly, I have highlighted in red questions that I have not as yet been able to answer or am working on.

Please let me know what you think Many thanks I appreciate that you are busy and I am still updating the guide anyway as I am putting in a completely updated system at one of my clients, so some of the stuff in red, will be resolved in the next few weeks anyway. Hopefully we will be able to take what I have done and provide a proper tutorial guide (which I really think is needed) that people can use to cover the basics as well as updating E2guardian to address some of the issues that I have raised.

Note: It appears that there are quite a few new blacklists folders, but are not included in the Bannedsitelist file. Review this and report to Fredb as categories like weapons etc should be included in the bannedsitelist file.

It cannot automatically upload a new whitelist or blacklist.You can also manually update existing file fingerprints.You can use the utility or any third-party utility to create the updated file fingerprint lists.To update the Kaspersky antivirus signature database offline, you must configure a local webserver.To configure a webserver, use the following CLI statement.

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