What smart teenagers know about dating relationships and sex

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This is an especially dangerous situation for Florence Nightingale’s.Married Or Attached (FOCR) -The moment that you opt into one of these situations, you communicate the wrong things about yourself.

What I’m about to explain are what typically make you incompatible, or signal a particularly unhealthy relationship or that there are things that you need to address about you.If you’re emotionally invested, or think you’re in a relationship, it’s code red.Nasty and spiteful – Mean spirited people don’t stop being so in a relationship and may attack your self esteem by latching on to what they think are flaws in you.Problems with past/childhood – Pasts can be overcome (I have) but if there are issues from their past that impact on their ability to healthily engage, it’s code amber if they’re prepared to go to and stick to therapy, and code red if they’re not prepared to, deny, or play it down, or it’s coupled with other code red and code amber behaviour.Dodgy attitude towards sex – This is about very different sexual values.

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