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Since the last one works i assume it is because it was last to be parsed on page Load.So how can i make it that when user clicks on the accordion pane, the usercontrol is - So idea is when i click on pane and fill up the information in textboxes i click on submit and usercontrol should postback to server for processing.But when i add 2 of them, only the last one works: in my case utcl2Please Help! I dont think it has to do with this particular javascript animations. in pane 1 i click clear button, it clears pane's 1 textboxes only (pane 2 is not affected) Samething for pane 2, i click clear and its textboxes are cleared (pane 1 doesn't loose anything).Oh, i have failed to mention but clear Text Boxes() javascript works in both usercontrols. My problem is really related to submit buttons and its event handler and wiring.(3)Offset X/Offset Y 弹出项与源控件的距离 (4) Pop Delay 弹出延时显示 单位milliseconds. Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I have a web form which contains ajax accordion. Each usercontrol consists of several textboxes and 2 buttons.It delay loads each of the panels instead of waiting until all of the data for all of the panels has been processed before serving the page.

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And as far as the user experience is concerned, this page is great.NET AJAX and the Ajax Control Toolkit to add similar behavior to our dashboard pages.For a proof of concept, I implemented a test page that delay loads a Grid View full of customers from the Northwind database. The basic approach I used was to start refreshing the Update Panel from the ASP. To accomplish this, I added an asp Button to the page, set its style to hidden, and wired the Update Panel to conditionally update when this button causes a postback (the technique is outlined in more detail here).I have my javascript to clear textboxes and the submit button does a postback to server.However, when i put 2 of these controls in 2 different panes only the last one works.

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