Internet dating liars

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Weight was the most frequent transgression, with women off by an average of 8.5 pounds and men missing by 1.5 pounds on average.Half lied about their height, and nearly 20 percent changed their age.I learned this after a couple of internet dates with women who had glamour shots posted in their profile.The one who stands out most was a woman who was simply stunning in her photo. Nothing against people who live in trailers, but this woman personified the term "trailer trash" and gave the many beautiful, wonderful people who live in trailer homes a bad name. No wonder she had a closed mouth smile in her pictures!I stress this from experience and this has been confirmed to me by countless others.If a person has to display a glamour shot to show themselves off on an online dating site, something is usually wrong.

We spoke on the phone several times and she was very nice, so we decided to meet in person. She was absolutely beautiful, classy, well dressed, well mannered and very easy on the eyes. It was her self-confidence and her awareness that she would receive hundreds of go-nowhere replies had she posted a glamour shot or a sexy photo of herself.

A beautiful spirit, a philanthropist with a love for all humankind. And ladies, how'd you like to have a love relationship with Gandhi? We all want a partner with these wonderful traits, but we also have to be attracted to the person.

Like it or not, it is not only what is on the inside that counts, so make your photos count, and be real from the get go.

Hair was perfect, makeup impeccable, wonderful smile and more. My point is simple: There are beautiful people who have had glamour shots taken, but they will also often have more animated, typical photos in their profile showing themselves in ordinary situations, at parties, during holidays, on vacation, with friends, etc.

I then met her in person to find her in denim overalls, sneakers and a smile that revealed several missing teeth! As humans, we are all beautiful, but we are not all "attractive" in the eyes of others.

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