Undercover dating

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Larry dates across the spectrum; he just doesn't like to lay it out for people and that's his right. Bianca knew about Larry and Corey, she just didn't realise it was Serious serious.HAHAHAHAHAHA Not so funny is Emily calling Joseph with her confessions; his response is peppered with "I hate you" and "f*ck off" but it's the ultimatum that she never speak to Agu again that brings her head up.

He wrote, "I am always baffled that someone so beautiful can be so kind, strong, and humble. I love you on the easy days and love you more on the hard ones.

Sommer did star in Max's music video for "Don't Forget Her Now," so maybe that's all it was.

Either way, it is safe to say each half of the former duo has completely moved on from their past relationship.

Thank you for always being such a light in this dim colorless world of ours." It appears that the two have known each other for quite some time, as Veronica shared some "then-and-now" Instagram pics of the duo, recreating a pose from an old throwback pic.

"My 17 year old self is somewhere smiling," she captioned the album.

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