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' experience, with a cool mini-quest line, spam tonnes of storage space, a plethora of loyal subjects, and much more!Version:- V1.01Features:- Extremely large storage space throughout the castle for all your loot from Skyrim.- You will gain a cadre of five knights at your command.- At the end of the game, grants access to a dragon with more staying power than Odahviing.- A Steward who can organise castle upgrades.- A Cook, who can make great food.- A Smith and Mage who will trade with the local town and thus trade with you.- A Stable-Master, who will provide you with upto six more horses.- A Garrison of twelve guards (plus one guard captain) in addition to the knights.- And Miners to work an operational mine under the castle.

When you arrive there you should find four marauders and the besieged defenders battling it out.

When you start the game with the plugin installed, you get a journal update saying you heard a rumour about a siege at Battlehorn Castle.

The lord of the castle has been killed, and the defenders are offering the castle itself as a reward for anyone who can help lift the siege.

Also, I never really liked the round concrete pedestals the creatures trophy's were mounted on.

So I decided to use the vanilla planters and some shrubbery and so forth to give them a more natural look.

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