Dating persian coins

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They were weighed in the scales, and the generally accepted relation between them was in the proportion of 1 to 13 1/3. The ordinary product of the rich Lydian gold-producing districts consisted, however, of an impure gold containing a large admixture of silver, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always variable. During this period Ephesus was for the most part attached to the dominions of the Ptolemies. The series of autonomous tetradrachms now came to an end, but the pieces of 88 grs., with halves and quarters, continued to be struck, probably because they passed as thirds, &c., of the Attic tetradrachms of Lysimachus. This, of course, is only a conjecture, but it is remarkable that, at both cities, the Alexan- drine tetradrachms of Mller’s Class V merge into those of Class VI (Mller, Nos. This coincidence seems to indicate that Ephesus and Aradus, two great commercial cities of the coasts of Asia Minor and Phoenicia respectively, may have found it to their mutual advantage about this time to conclude a monetary treaty, according to which each city might secure a free circulation for her coins on the markets of the other. 198, and that the autonomous drachms of Attic weight issued at Ephesus during the greater part of the second century are also identical in type with the drachms of Aradus dated 174-110 B. 310), and for numerous divisions of the staters mostly of Lydian origin, though found at Ephesus, see Brit. Those which from their types seem to belong to the coasts of Asia Minor will be noted under the towns to which they are here conjecturally attributed. The Ionian towns, though politically independent of one another, constituted for religious purposes a koinon or League, the meetings of which were held originally in the Panionion in the neighbourhood of Priene, where stood a temple of Poseidon and a sacred grove. The coins struck for this Festival in the time of Ant. These beautiful coins usually bear magistrates’ names in the nom. It is possible that they may be the signets of magistrates; see Macdonald, Coin Types, p. With regard to the attribution of this primitive stater see infra, under Lydia (Fig. There are also a number of silver coins of archaic times of various standards of weight. The engravers of these coins must have been really great artists, for they have, without any elaboration, and with a bold simplicity of touch, produced, within the small circle of a coin, masterpieces in mezzo-rilievo. For varieties with various magistrates’ names see Imhoof, Kl. The bronze coins, the currency of which was more limited, are of a more strictly local and municipal character, and they usually bear the signature of the eponymous magistrate in the nom. Reverse types: Horseman; Asklepios; Owl; Athena; Ram; Kybele standing between lions; ΑΝΑΞΑ Bust of Anaxagoras (Hunter Cat., ii.

The old city of Colophon was situated about twenty miles north-west of Ephesus, and some miles from the coast. She is many-breasted, and from each of her hands hangs a long fillet with tassels at the extremities.

414 sqq.) would also attribute the satrapal tetradrachms and bronze coins with Persian types—obv.

The occurrence of the Ionian form of the name Pythagoras, coupled with the fact that the bronze coins (B. But, on the other hand, the Indian provenance of most of the tetra- drachms (Num. 5) makes it doubtful whether these coins, of purely Persian types, may not have been issued by Ionians in one of The eastern satrapies of the Persian empire shortly after Alexander's death; for, from the edicts of Asoka (circ.

2, with the Ephesian Bee in the field); (β) of didrachms and drachms of reduced Rhodian weight (102 and 50 grs.); In B. 202 Aradus in Phoenicia began to strike Alexandrine tetra- drachms (Mller, Cl. Similar coins without dates began to be issued at Ephesus about the same time.

The date and the early style of this cistophorus make it quite impossible to identify the magistrate whose name it bears with CASINCF (Gallus), Proconsul of Asia in B.

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