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When Stryker claimed that Logan and Kayla's love was never real, she nods her head in denial, but Stryker silently threatens her with a concealed gun.

So he told Kuekuatsheu that the Moon asked for flowers.She met him again by a destroyed reactor tower and Wolverine started carrying her towards Gambit's plane for safety.Stryker walked up behind them and shot Logan with adamantium bullets in the back, and then in the head. Every night the Moon searches for him, and every night he sees her in the sky and howls her name, but he can never touch her again.” Silverfox (born Kayla Silverfox) was a mutant who possessed tactile hypnosis, an ability that caused her to hypnotize and persuade anyone she made physical contact with. Kuekuatsheu didn't know that once you leave the Spirit World, you can never go back.

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