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There are many stories of bravery about the men's bravery as the ship went down.One of them is that of the Reverend Isaac Wauchope Dyobha, who cried words of encouragement to the dying men.The courage displayed by these men has remained a legend in South African military history.The commemoration of the SS Mendi is held on the third Sunday of February every year.No steps were taken by the SS Darro to lower boats or rescue the survivors.She stood off and floated nearby while lifeboats from the SS Mendi's escorting destroyer, HMS Brisk, rowed among the survivors, trying to rescue them.Other heart wrenching tales of valour are told of those trying to survive in the freezing water.

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We are all going to die, and that is what we came for. I, a Zulu, say here and now that you are all my brothers...Women were barred from serving on submarines until 2011, when a report found that there was no basis in fears that carbon dioxide in the recycled air could damage female fertility.When the ban on female submariners was lifted, it was reported that some Navy wives feared that having women serving alongside men in the cramped conditions on board submarines would lead to sex scandals.On receiving the news (on 9 March 1917) of the disaster, all the members of the South African House of Assembly, under the then Prime Minister Louis Botha and a celebrated Boer War hero, rose in their seats as a token of respect to their fellow South Africans who had gone down with SS Mendi.Lore has it that the black tribes in South Africa were aware of the disaster before they were officially advised by the government.

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