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If you want to see how I flush out the scam, you can Read my post on Just Now Hook

The site touts that it will verify you, and make sure you are 18 and not a sex offender. You just need to provide a credit card so they can verify you.

In some sites, that is all you can see, but there are hidden charges.

In other sites, there is some fine print you can see.

If you see anything like this pic, its probably a scam.

The scammers copy one site to the next, and including all graphics and typos!

It would not surprise me that the uberhorny site also has a charge that you haven’t seen yet.

The faking mechanisms are obvious, you can read them below.Your access to Local Dates Here includes a 2 day free trial promo to Your Perfect Match Is Waiting. Unlike some of these sites, the charges are visible.If you choose to remain a member of Your Perfect Match Is Waiting beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at Note that I added the emphasis above. So if you’re not careful, you are going to have .00 in charges on your card.It starts with an email response to a post/ad/profile.The immediate giveaway that you have a scam is that when your ‘date’ replies to you, they cannot answer a simple question, like what color is your dress? When I find these I like to have a little fun, since I know it is a bot, and this serves as a means to confirm the suspicion.

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