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Engineers deploy a prototype aerial surveillance camera pod to capture high-resolution imagery of Wildlife Protected Areas.Visualizing Nature and Culture: We connect people to nature and culture in ways never done before by utilizing innovative visualization technology.12/12/17 PM PST They’ll be some cam down time since I’m about to go up and try to get the audio working. Nobody home at the moment anyway so a good time for this M&R. Pete Addendum – I’m gonna have to work on the audio. But I’m having trouble getting it streaming to you guys.Pete Addendum – I think I cleaned up the little bit of rotten wood at the bottom of the cam to make the shadow seen last night go away. However, there are a lot of connections and nuances to getting this working right. Will continue to work on this with Jorge, so please be patient. Pete 12/3/17 Still some technical issues to resolve with the new cams.“It’s one thing to read about it and hear about it, it’s another thing when you actually see it.” Gary Watts plans to add a high-resolution camera with the capability to zoom in on the street scene. “It’s good enough that you can count freckles on people’s face,” Watts said.

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Engineering and technological innovation have always been part of National Geographic.

He’s also planning to allow other business owners in the Smith Avenue area to transmit their video feeds onto the Facebook page and You Tube channel. “I’m doing nothing I haven’t done all of my life,” Gary Watts said. If I can’t change the big world, I want to change the little world I live in.” Chuck Watts said they checked with the police about whether they could film — and live stream — the street corner.

They didn’t tell the people that they were being live streamed online.

An Exploration Technology engineer prepares to deploy an Animal-Borne Imaging System, or Crittercam, on a Humpback Whale.

Data and video from the Crittercam will allow us to gain valuable insights on Humpback feeding strategies and other pod behaviors.

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