Ps3 media library not updating

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Under Windows Shares, the Central should just show up and you just need to add it to the Media Library (if you use that? I found allocating a fixed IP to the Seagate Centrals stopped them from dropping out in Windows Networking on my PC when the router was rebooted (as they kept being allocated a different IP).Can your Windows network see a USB drive plugged into the SMP?Used WDTVHub Gen, but the the xml and jpg's generated seem not to be used by the standard media libray function ie it generates its own backdrop files.I've got the earlier WDTV Live HD and the Streaming Media Players on the LAN.Can someone maybe confirm this for me I really do not want to down load some 12 odd firmware changes to get to the firmware version wish is stable.In saying that could anyone chime and tell me which firmware is the most stable. koaz Yeah that is right, but I was thinking there would be more than one newer than the one you selected.

At the end of the day your experiance with each firmware can only be decided by you trying them.

I have the SMP on ver 2.02.xx, seems to be great, using a synology DS212 via GBE, works great, also running plex on the NAS, great for my iphone/ipad.

what is the best theme/approach for the WDTV SMP with minimal hassle and tech know how ?

If you didn't do a Reset after firmware was updated, then suggest you do it.

Do you switch the unit into Standby (quick On/Off press) or Off (On/Off hold for 5 secs) ??

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