Decrees orders validating act

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Why would anyone become an aggressor, if he/she can sympathize with the victim you may say!

decrees orders validating act-22

Raji’s reportage of Asmara and Ismail Al-Mukhtar’s depiction of the good old days as well as Gadi’s frustration at the new bad days offered the context for everything in between.In this two-dimensional planet, the only axis that determines whether you are ‘gesgasi’ or ‘ad Har Hari’ is whether you believe the PFDJ is a nationalist organization or a Tigrigna ethnic organization.It does not matter what you know and can prove to be true.The core claim of ‘self-liberation’ as stated is liberty from the tendency to construct subjective (imagined) realities towards accepting objective facts on the ground as the basis of judgement. The power of his argument lies on the recognition that, where we accept the self-liberated progressives to go it alone, the amount of ignored facts would be too many to bridge for all practical reasons.The core idea behind progressivism as stated is liberty from objective facts (that fill the opposition arena with negativity) to construct imagined realities (of national unity) for a movement that would change the negative facts on the ground. He reinvents the concept of ‘social groups’ to refer to non-Tigrigna ethnic groups, and calls the latter to have some sympathy towards the former.

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