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This isn't my only historic plate story, but certainly my favorite!

Maybe some of you have ancestry in the Campus Martius area and can identify your family with this plate.

You receive a printed report either via a WORD document attachment or in the mail on real paper! We estimate the amount of time needed for the research and give you an estimate up front.This particular plate is from the Montereau area and was manufactured between about 18.It is similar to English creamware, frequently called 'faience fine'; our example is a charcoal grey color but often one finds the transfers in a more sepia color.HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and thank you for shopping with us! For many years there was a family story that one of my gggggrandmothers was the first non-Indian woman born west of the Allegheny Mountains, in southeastern Ohio.I even had references to the statement, but when I found the book I couldn't find Nancy Anna.

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