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Let us look at a few categories of these Backend Database testing tools:#1) Interfaces that let you connect and run your queries against the databases. API stands for Application Program Interface and this is basically where all the programming logic resides.

It does not have a UI which is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to testing it.

Whether you are looking in the DB or checking in the log for a transaction’s status or sending a request message to a certain service, you are validating the program’s fitness to be used. This article is very interesting and touch based various aspects of testing.

However it is good to emphasize bit more on API testing using Various tools and scope of web service automation may be in next article. I did bring up a concern over my team and I will try to investigate which tool would suit our application for a proper backend database testing.

Putty is an open source product and needs no installation. UNIX systems don’t have a graphic user interface and that is what makes them perfect to be App and DB servers. There are many flavors of UNIX and due to the absence of GUI, we will have to use commands to communicate with the server.

So multiple functions are already part of it and testing them will ensure that the core logic is correct even before the UI integration. ’ ask your development or deployment teams and they can confirm this for you.This step might not be mandatory, but some companies use manual deployments.So to be able to work through them easily, you are going to need a way to connect to your server.Pu TTy, hands down is the most popular choice to connect to your servers.

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