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Brimming with personnel, the mini-tanks rolled on through the streets.Wondering what was happening, she turned the radio on. Traffic is piling up around the main intersections of the medical district today," the announcer said, "as a serious infestation of He La has caused a full scale shutdown of Zenith Memorial Hospital.A wire ran from the back of his head to the area between his shoulder blades.His features were a mix between artificial and biological.With every city block closer to the center her car went the sun's penetrating rays brightened the sky further. An angry orange sun peered through the air pollution that clogged the skyway.The dark blue eventually made way for a heavily smoggy orange that painted the clouds vibrant shades of neon pink and purple. Every block farther towards the domes the buildings grew bigger and bigger.As soon as the info came to him he sprang back to life.

Thai started to notice armored police vehicles driving up among the cars and trucks on the roads.

Still others were officers and government officials of varying ranks coming back to report their progress on assignments or go to work in the many offices on the different levels of the multi-story building.

Despite the seemingly chaotic nature of the place there was an element of order to the whole thing.

At the first security checkpoint, there was a small old man with a well-trimmed, gray toothbrush moustache.

His eyes were framed by large circular transitions lenses bridged by a tiny piece of golden metal alloy. Full-body with eight buttons going up the front along with well kept white gloves.

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