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Unable to decipher the correct answer, I responded with a random emoji string: two girls dancing, a skull and an alien head.

Little did I know that I had just foreshadowed what was to come.“Aliens scare me,” he replied.

But I didn’t expect one to give me the wildest date of my life, one that would push me out of my comfort zone and serve as a right of passage in my proverbial sex diary.

My first interaction on Tinder in LA was with a guy named Doug, a 27-year-old professional athlete. Doug and I chatted for a few days about the usual stuff, which led him to ask me out for “ice cream, a drink or coffee.” It was around p.m. I didn’t have dinner plans, so I told him — in addition to his culinary suggestions — that I also liked food. Is the thought of a woman eating here really that terrifying to men in LA?

stare at my phone, swiping fatigue slowly numbing my index finger.

A 27-year-old comedian and actor who loves pizza — swipe right.

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We chatted about Thailand, a place we had both visited during the previous year. He picked me up at my apartment (something guys do here in LA), and we went to a nearby dive bar.

Over the next couple of days, I was bombarded with messages from a guy named Connor, a Chicago native who worked in finance and fancied lacrosse.

He was maybe a bit of a basic bro, but we had a Chicago connection.

Apparently, he had adopted one at Burning Man but lost him after the first night.

I appreciate a little mystery in a man, and Nicolas was good at radiating obscurity. His Spanish accent made me nostalgic for the time I lived in Spain.

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