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(Although the LAPD did not respond to a request for comment on its involvement with policing ages at Tiger Heat, a public information officer did tell Buzz Feed they have been declining comment on all matters related to Singer while the FBI conducts an investigation.

While the FBI would not comment specifically on anything related to Singer, in a statement, they told Buzz Feed, "The FBI takes seriously allegations involving the sexual abuse of minors.")Yet the Tiger Heat alum says the weekly event is "notorious for attracting the type of young gay twink who looks young enough to be in high school.

That is not on its face any different than the parties held by powerful heterosexual men in Hollywood frequented by very young women.

(One famous example: the Playboy Mansion, a palace with its own grotto specifically for such events, where movie stars and moguls have frolicked and fornicated for decades.) But therein lies the seed of this scandal.

“I think that people definitely want to be around that. Why wouldn't you want to be around somebody who takes you to big restaurants and pays for everything?

"The partygoer said he was indeed invited to his first party at Singer’s house because a friend of his had met the director during the 2013 production of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

These sources provided a stark portrait of an entrenched system, facilitated by these scouts, who bring Singer into regular orbit with 18- to 20-year-olds at parties sustained by large amounts of alcohol and drugs — edging precariously close to the line between legality and illegality.

It makes sense that young, driven, beautiful people would want to be a part of it — and older, rich, and powerful people would be happy to let them.

“It’s completely false.”But the friend of Singer’s who acknowledged that he himself has connected the filmmaker with younger men contends that these interactions have not been as salacious as they may appear. If I meet a young actor who's good-looking or somebody who I think would be, you know, either interesting to Bryan or be interested in Bryan — and most anybody who wants to be in this industry does want to meet people — then I would let [Bryan] know that I've got somebody that he might want to meet.

And we would either have a dinner or maybe go to one of his parties or something like that.

Any man over 30 in attendance is immediately pegged as an individual with a taste for the barely legal.” Singer’s scout friend understands how this all comes off.

“I'm trying to figure a way to phrase it where it doesn't sound horrible, but we all love good-looking young people,” he said.

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