Southern women dating northern guy

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Needless to say, it's near impossible to get a Belle especially if you're a Yankee, and after dealing with nothing but redneck singles, a lot of single men will come away with a justifiably bad impression of Southern women. Ugly wouldn't begin to describe them, in fact if they tried out to play the role of the creature in Alien, they wouldn't even need a costume.

One Alabama girl was tattooed all over and admitted to popping Paxil, Xanax and a few other drugs.

Another was a lumbering land whale from Tennessee who cursed like a drunken sailor and liked to flash truckers in her spare time. I do know a few southern women who are married though, and the difference is definitely noticeable. I would guess that these are the belles."Yes, I think a higher percentage of them are perfectly willing to date Asian guys.

In fact, before finding happier abroad I thought of traveling the South, as an adult this time, to see if I could find a place to settle and a kind "belle" to marry. Yes, southern women are far nicer and more receptive to being approached and more polite and considerate and friendly etc etc, BUT ONLY OUTSIDE OF THE CITIES.

I realize now it perhaps isn't the easiest option and it certainly doesn't help that America is still politically divided along Civil War lines. You have to go to smaller cities or small towns, or meet a women who somehow hasn't been negatively influenced by the big city mentality.

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