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However, with proper treatment, transsexual people often become fully functional members of society.[1] The suicide statistics of treated transsexual people[2] do not differ remarkably from non-transsexual populations.

Most transsexual men and women desire to establish a permanent social role as a member of the gender with which they identify.

People may consider the use of such labels offensive whether they are or are not transsexual, or involved with Western religions, themselves.

The latter defines the term based on actual or planned operative status and makes it more an external label than a term of self-definition.

As with any terms used by a group, or to refer to a particular group, some of these terms are controversial, or have become controversial, not only to society at large, but even among the transsexual community.

The definition of "transsexuality" is somewhat debated.

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Transsexualism is a condition in which a transsexual person self-identifies as a member of the gender opposite to the one assigned to them at birth.

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