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There is rarely redemption for a rebellious Hasidic Jew; Joseph believes that the likely punishment would be banishment.So when Joseph called me that spring night in 2005, ready to talk about Hasidism and his curiosity about the secular world, I suggested that we meet at a friend’s apartment.His children may never again know him, his wife may divorce him, and his parents may not return his phone calls.He might be pressed to leave his neighborhood and never return.With one arm around a strange girl’s waist, he will whisper into her ear, and then kiss her on the lips.

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I will call him Joseph; because of the consequences, his real name cannot be revealed here.The power centers of Hasidim—Poland and Hungary—were devastated.Some Hasidim abandoned their faiths entirely after the trauma of Hitler’s atrocities.Most importantly, Satmar and other strict Hasidic groups strongly reject the outside world’s impurities.By and large, these Hasidim study in religious schools, speak Yiddish as their first language, dress according to a strict code, and enter arranged marriages when they are between the ages of seventeen and twenty.

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