Witty dating quotes

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I felt very […] In a past life (read: up until 2015), Miami was a destination for some of my wildest times.

One summer, we literally woke up like this: (For the record, that’s a patio…and a Bebe dress…and me drunkenly defying gravity.

” *This is meant as a joke, I am not saying that marriage is bad, in most cases anyways.

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) I’m always looking for ways to spice up my coffee routine at home so I don’t spend 8742974 a […] Instagram is a truly majestical corner of the Internet.I originally saw this OUTRAGE from one of my Facebook friends and decided to smear a steaming pile of sarcasm on the otherwise supportive comment thread (my since-deleted […] Back in April/May, I decided that this was going to be ASHLEY’S SUMMER OF FUN.The first few months of the year were total shit not great for me personally and I didn’t take any vacations, so by the time June rolled around, I was so ready to GTFO of my depression town.And no, I don’t actually call it that because I’m not your dad or a midday talk show host (unfortunately).I moved to New […] There’s a cute little political movement happening amongst Trump-supporters/Anti-Hillary-crazies this week that has fully amused me and a lot of my (intelligent) friends: BOYCOTT STARBUCKS BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT HILLARY!!!

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