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Alex wounds and is about to capture him when Craig, unable to escape and not wanting to go back to prison, kills himself by shooting a gas tank, which explodes, killing him and burning his body.He appears as the villain in more books than any other in the Alex Cross series.Some time during his life, his met his unknown wife and married her and had a couple of kids.While in the FBI, Craig started looking across the United States for other known killers, two of whom were the Audience Killer and the Wolf, two villains who later appear in other novels as villains to Alex Cross.When the time came, Craig moved away from family and didn't see his mother, father, or surviving brother again.His father was revealed to have died sometime during the series.

After solving the case and attending Alex's wedding, Craig reveals himself to Alex on his honeymoon and they fight.

He graduated from Duke University and Duke's Law School, as indicated in Double Cross and was in the US Special Forces before he became a rising star in the FBI.

It is revealed that while at Duke University, he had met two killers Casanova and The Gentleman Caller, who later become the villains in Kiss the Girls, and started killing along with them before heading off on his own.

It is also believed that he had also met another killer named Mr.

Smith, who would also face off against Cross in Cat & Mouse.

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