Of changesets and updating work items

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Update 3 will really focus on fixes for customer reported bugs.The first release candidate for the next major TFS release will be available within the next couple of months – for those of you trail blazers out there.To enable it on your server, you will need to install the Delivery Plans extension on your TFS 2017.2 or later server.Using the same Elastic Search based infrastructure that Code Search uses, work item search provides a simple an intuitive way to find work items when creating a query is overkill.The solution proposed by chad will work for some things but will have odd behavior for others.

So the process would flow like this: How does Person 1 now show these changes to Person 2?You can add comments and send them, but the files don't change.I'm assuming the files are from the changeset created when the original review was requested.The improvements to Pull requests and branch policies are too numerous to mention – there are dozens.In Update 2 we spent a ton of time working to address feedback and suggestions from people who have been using our PR experience over the past year or so.

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