Mutatis mutandis safe and predictable dynamic software updating

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We also discuss its applicability to other operating systems.

Primarily, providing updatable units means designing with good modularity and obeying module boundaries.

There are several fundamental requirements in providing a dynamic update capability.

Here we identify them, in Section 3.2 we describe how we satisfy them in K42, and then in Section 4 we generalise to other operating systems.

Andrew Baumann, Gernot Heiser University of New South Wales & National ICT Australia Jonathan Appavoo, Dilma Da Silva, Orran Krieger, Robert W. Operating systems would benefit from dynamic update, but place unique demands on any implementation of such features.

Watson Research Center Jeremy Kerr IBM Linux Technology Center Dynamic update is a mechanism that allows software updates and patches to be applied to a running system without loss of service or down-time.

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