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And, since most of our fans are probably older as well, making a new record I miss making music that rips. We just weren’t as heavy and groovy and "breakdown-y" as people wanted to hear.But since then, I’ve seen a lot of resurgence in post-hardcore rock, especially with bands like Sleeping With Sirens.Matt takes Elena to the most expensive restaurant around, and finds that she isn't the Ice Princess he's been expecting. Matt nervously opened his wallet again and counted his cash. “Donʼt blow it on just anything,” Uncle Joe had whispered in his grating voice. Donʼt you get the habit, boy, cause itʼs only going to bring you grief.” Then Matt had gently lowered Uncle Joe. “Itʼs Chez Amaury.” There was a rustle above him, murmurings in all different cadences, the gist of which was, “Wow! Yours was the best poem Iʼve ever heard.” Who could be mad at her? You mean something Iʼve felt with cars—but Iʼve never been able to describe.” She went on talking, but Matt wasnʼt even in the room anymore. But she wagged her finger at him in a scholarly way. What about that game against the Bullfinches, when you threw a 50-yard touchdown pass? The clock was running down and suddenly I had this crazy, grandiose idea, and I—” “Ran to the right to fake giving the ball to Greg Fleisch, the halfback,” Elena interrupted smoothly. When the waiter had stalked off, Elenaʼs smile changed, became a mischievous grin. “Thank you.” “And you,” the woman said to Matt, still looking at his palm, “you have found your lady love, half-child and half-woman. “Iʼve never seen another one like it.” “Iʼm so glad. Cuddly, romantic—the greatest danger in this story is the risk of social humiliation." L. A ten dollar bill and six cents left over from what the six neighbors on the cul- de-sac had given him to rake all the autumn leaves from each yard into a giant bonfire-pile. The glass-shattering coughing was beginning and Matt wanted a nurse to check on Uncle Joeʼs oxygen saturation level. Matt found that he was grinding one fist into his thigh, painfully. ” Elena said softly, “Thatʼs one of my favorites.” One of her favorites. Matt escorted her to the car and opened the passenger door for her as quickly as he could and got her settled in. It was like being with your favorite relative, only better. The waiter came back, but Elena waved him off with a languid hand. This year heʼd had to take a drama class to fill out his schedule, and they were performing “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Matt just couldnʼt get his mind into the play. He was circling the solar system somewhere around the planet Neptune and comets and asteroids were sailing around with him, bonking him on the head every so often. Just the rushing wind, with the inlet big and blue underneath me, and the feeling of traveling—fast—through the air. “But you kept the ball yourself and ran it—and ran it—and ran it for an amazing touchdown just before four Cougers tackled you at once.” “Yeah; they broke my collarbone, too,” Matt said, grinning. I was soaring somewhere over the clouds.” “People were screaming and kissing and throwing things,” Elena said. One of them grabbed me and tried to French kiss me.” And I bet his mind wasnʼt on the game, Matt thought, and surprised himself by saying, “Tell me his name and Iʼll break his jaw for him.” “Oh, I already kicked him in the shin,” Elena said calmly. Matt had a crazy impulse to go down on one knee and ask her to marry him right then and there. Itʼs really good.” Matt nodded vigorously so he wouldnʼt have to look her in the eye. There was some kind of smoked salmon on the appetizers list. “Heʼs not going to forget us in a hurry,” she said. Margaret brings them home half-starved, Aunt Judith slaves over them and then they run around the neighborhood—” She made a slight, meaningful gesture. He had a low tolerance for furry animals getting squashed, but he had to be macho about this. Now that you have fallen under her spell, nothing will tear you apart from her. It, well, it reminds me of you.” “Why, Matt Honeycutt! ” Elena tapped him gently with the rose, and then began caressing her lips with it.

I just feel like, for some reason, this is the best time that we could possibly do it.

Who heard about the sale on jackets in the first place? “Now, youʼre going to get home on time—” “Yeah, of course, Mom.” “You sure youʼve got enough money? He had the way to Chez Amaury memorized, so he wouldnʼt have to turn on the map light. Thatʼs what they want, but if we donʼt hurry weʼll be late. Sheʼd been holding a bite of bread in her hand, forgotten. Itʼs like flying.” Matt stopped, suddenly, overcome with confusion. ” she asked, almost teasing, but never breaking eye-contact with him. She accepted her plate with a cheerful “This looks great! It reminded him of Elena: her skin, her cheeks, her hair. “A genuine Florentine rose such as Botticelli painted. This was—how was he going to walk up to Elena and tell her that he didnʼt have the money to buy her dinner when they were already there eating it?

You look like your father when he was young.” Matt could feel himself going an even deeper red. In his own mind, he referred to it as “The Junk Heap.” But there was nothing he could do about it, so he was just hoped Elena wouldnʼt see too much of it in the darkness. “But itʼs easiest if you just ask their permission to take me out. I thought that was really fascinating,” Elena said, and he realized that she was telling the truth, that she was interested. Sometimes, somehow, you feel as if youʼre part of the car and its part of you. He would have thought you had to sit at attention and watch the salad being tossed, but no—Elena clearly had seen enough of such sideshows. It was mostly white but the inner petals were touched with pink and the outer petals with a color that was almost golden.

It definitely feels like people really miss the band being around.

We’re all older now, and we have different perspectives on life because of everything we’ve been through. I’ve been recording other bands, which is really awesome and fulfilling, but there’s just something about making a record that’s , we were still doing more of the post-hardcore thing—less metal, more rock—and even though it was still pretty heavy, people were really wanting full-blown, all-the-way heavy.

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